Our Process

Members of our elite network of mental health and substance abuse treatment providers at Addicted Minds go through a rigorous vetting process that allows us to ensure our members are able to provide top of the line care to clients. 


Our team of expert clinicians carefully select any new potential members after a thorough application is completed. In this application, potential members are asked to provide licensure and accreditation verification as well as description of all their treatment options offered.


Once the application is received, all new potential members are discussed among our clinical team. Factors such as success rates, legitimacy of education and accreditation, and benefits of clinical services offered to those who suffer from mental health and substance abuse problems.


If the new potential member is able to meet or exceed our very specific criterion, clinicians on the board are able to nominate new potential members to be considered for membership in our very elite network of clinical providers.


After the board discusses nominees, we then send in experienced auditors to do an in-person check of the facilities and doctors’ offices to evaluate quality of experience and care provided to patients to see if it meets Addicted Minds network requirements.

 Clinical Review

New potential members are required to submit all clinical program documents outlining how their clinical team provides treatment to clients. This includes a detailed explanation of what therapy modalities are used, what specialties clinicians have experience in.

 Leadership Review

The vigorous membership initiation process ends with a thorough review of the facilities leadership. This includes doctors, owners, shareholders, and management. It is important to us that every facet of our potential member’s teams is evaluated to meet our integrity standards.


If new potential members pass all of our criteria for membership, they will be approved to join the elite Addicted Minds network and are then able to be listed on our website and other promotional platforms.

 Quarterly Review

To ensure the highest standard to care is continued to be provided by every member in the Addicted Minds network, all members are reviewed quarterly to ensure they are meeting all requirements of membership.

 Quality care is at the foundation of our values and patient care is our top priority at Addicted Minds. You can have peace of mind that any treatment provider listed on the Addicted Minds website is the most vetted and trusted source you can visit for your treatment needs.

Because we care about our members, our members can care about clients.

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