opiate addiction treatment Baltimore Maryland

The Problems with Opiate Addiction in Baltimore

Our opiate addiction treatment center in Baltimore have started using medications like Suboxone and Subutex for treating chemical dependence. These clinics help people become clean and break the cycle of opiate abuse and addiction and return to a drug-free lifestyle. Chemical dependence is an addiction to any drug or alcohol and the reality is there are serious problems with heroin across the U.S.

What causes heroin addiction?

As an opiate, heroin is highly addictive, and it can result in someone developing a serious issue after only one use. There are factors at play which can cause someone to have a higher than normal risk of addiction and these can include genetics, peer pressure, stress, and family/home environment. Being raised in a home where parents are abusing drugs predisposes someone to an increased likelihood of becoming addicted themselves.

People who suffer from mental health issues, such as depression, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, may be more at risk of developing an opiate addiction than other people.  In some situations, a person may not have any genetic issues or any other risk factors of developing an addiction, it might just develop after being prescribed painkillers or it can happen from just using drugs recreationally.

How can you stop using opiates and recover?

An opiate addiction treatment center can offer inpatient or outpatient treatment options, some even offer short-term detox for those who need it. Other programs offer medications to combat heroin addiction and these include Subutex and Suboxone. The goal of medication-assisted treatment is to wean a person off heroin, to curb the cravings and withdrawal and to allow someone to taper down the dose, until the replacement drug is no longer needed.

If you have struggled long enough with heroin or prescription opiate addiction, you may think all hope is gone, but that’s not true. You can contact an opiate treatment center in Baltimore today, discuss your addiction with a caring rehab professional and find out what options are available to help you kick your problem with drugs once and for all.