Hire an Interventionist

Reasons to Hire an Interventionist

It’s completely normal for family members to talk to each other about different things such as everyday life, important decisions and other matters. Some families find they can work out certain things without much difficulty. However, for families with a member who is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction it can be a better option to hire an interventionist to address the matter.

Does the Addicted Person Have Mental Health Issues?

Addicts and alcoholics often have mental illnesses coexisting with their substance abuse problems. The National Institute of Drug Abuse identifies the following mental health conditions being more common in substance abusers when compared to the public:

·         Conduct disorders
·         Mood disorders
·         Anxiety disorders
·         Antisocial personality disorders

While people with substance abuse and mental health disorders can and do get better with the right help, reaching them and convincing them to seek treatment can be extremely difficult. For these reasons, it can be a more feasible option for the family of a person with these problems to be assisted through hiring an interventionist.

What Can an Interventionist Do?

If your addicted loved one has a history of violence or suffers from dual diagnosis, it can make reaching them and making an impact extremely unlikely. An interventionist has vast experience helping people who suffer from various types of addictions and no matter what the situation a family may be faced with, having professional assistance can be invaluable.

How Can You Find an Interventionist?

Because confronting an addict or alcohol can be vicarious and potentially dangerous, it’s best to have the services of an interventionist to help. When you have an intervention specialist, you have someone who will advocate for the family and work their hardest to ensure the person you love accepts professional help and begins the journey to recovery. Please contact Addicted Minds-The Elite Treatment Provider today, we can help you find the best interventionist available to get your loved one on the right track again.