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We all know addiction is a disease that runs in families. Coming from a family that has addiction, means someone has a higher than average chance of becoming dependent on drugs or alcohol. If you are personally struggling with chemical dependence or your loved one is battling an addiction, it’s time to seek the professional help of Reform Recovery.

Our professionals are located in New Smyrna Beach, Florida have been instrumental in helping countless people recover from drug and alcohol dependence through our effective telehealth platform for addicted individuals and their families during and after inpatient treatment. 

To us, the involvement of family in treating drug or alcohol dependence is vital. We believe in inclusive therapy and counseling sessions, because in our experience healing the whole family is what helps someone sustain recovery.
There are many decisions that will impact someone’s ability to heal from addiction and because members of our team have been touched by substance abuse, we strive to guide the family through the difficult process of healing.

Our Treatment Makes a Real Difference

Some of outpatient services we provide include weekly phone calls from a family advisor for a one year period, after someone leaves treatment. Additionally, we provide a secure online portal for our clients which is a direct link to staff, education, appointment scheduling, resources and other important information.

Another benefit to clients is our comprehensive family program which is designed to address the unique dynamics of a family and this has proven to be a valuable resource in several different ways. For a family who loves someone struggling with addiction, our resource library provides beneficial materials to help increase their knowledge and understanding of what their loved one is going through.

We truly believe in the success of our treatment program and in our ability to help someone recover the ability to lead a clean and sober life. When a family is well equipped to support an addicted loved one, the process of recovery is no longer a dream; it becomes a reality.

If you are interested in finding out more information about our innovative treatment options, please contact  Reviewed and Approved Reform RecoveryOutpatient Addiction treamtent