RESTRING & RENEW: The Parable of the Precious Beads

The Parable of the Precious Beads: the truest story of the day

The colors and textures particularly selected and strung together with care to adorn the wrist of her Granddaughter, the Precious Beads were a symbol of the deepest and most unconditional love from her. Over the next decade, and years past the Grandmothers’ passing, the Granddaughter held onto the bracelet and added magical meaning of good luck to the Precious Beads. Even as she emerged into young adulthood, the Granddaughter kept it with her for special comfort particularly as she travelled by plane. The Precious Beads took on a life of their own, it seems, as each bead had dynamic impact on its wearer.

Then one day, on THIS very day actually, the string snapped and the beads were no longer connected to each other or wearable as they were. This day, the birthday of the deceased Grandmother, was the demise of the bracelet as the Granddaughter knew it. She texted her Mom and Aunt in dismay…brokenhearted and fearful that it meant bad luck.

Her Mom, being a Mental Fitness Coach and practicer of what she “preaches” replied,
“It must mean it’s time for you to restring with your own thread…to renew meaning of the beads with YOUR energy holding them together”.

Her loving, supportive Aunt offered to help her restring the beads when she comes home in a couple of months if she thought it was too hard. Sweet intentions, indeed, but of course the challenge is part of the process and the delay can result in all kinds of issues: prolonged unnecessary sadness and the potential of lost beads, for example. And while the comfort of having help is sometimes important, the Grandmother made the bracelet on her own, and in the face of her own physical challenges, in an effort to invest the energy she had in a meaningful way. The Granddaughter could do the same.

Lesson of the Precious Beads is clear: when something you value has true meaning in your life, it almost always requires a “restringing” for renewal and new beauty or use. If a part of your life feels “broken”, you don’t need to sit amongst the ruins for long. Don’t delay. Find the beads of wisdom, the parts that you cherish, and pull them together with your new, fortified, unique thread. Know that you may have to hone the skills needed through the challenge. Realize that that process yields a charmed life of Precious Beads.

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