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Addiction Redefined

“Whether we accept it or not, almost everyone is an addict, from the mild to the severe, of some persuasion or another, to some degree or another, for some reason or another, and with some consequence or another. This is…


Addiction: Getting to the Root

Yesterday I saw an article titled “Pain is the Root of Addiction” but nothing is further from the truth than this and I can’t just sit back and be silent about it. My passion comes from waking up after years…


ANGRY BIRDS-the conflict between a young adult and her mother in recovery Part Four

In the last blog I looked into what is transpiring with this emerging young adult, I researched what forms an attachment between a mother and child. In this case, the mother is my client and the child is her 21…


Codependence – When You’re Addicted to an Addict

“If you do not tell the truth about yourself you cannot tell it about other people” — Virginia Woolf   “Gwen” was a well-liked, sympathetic mom who was dealt a hard lot in life. Her husband, “Jack,” was a drunk.…

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