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Genetics and Alcoholism

Alcoholism can be passed on from parent to child, but not in the same way as Alzheimer’s or cancer. Do you wonder how exactly this happens? We all have some basic concept of genetics through biology class, so we know…


Addiction in the Workplace

According to a report, approximately 20 million people across the United States experience alcohol-related impairment at work. If you go out in the evening or go home after work and drink alcohol alone or with friends and you achieve a…


Common Myths About Addiction and Women

While a person’s biology and circumstances effect who will be at risk for addiction in both males and females, gender can determine how trauma, harm and family, will influence these risks. Females grow up in a different culture, process emotions…


The Dangers of Nootropics

Nootropics can be extremely dangerous and after taken, the drug’s effects act quickly on the user. When a person stops taking nootropics, the withdrawal symptoms are like what a person goes through after cessation of opioids. When we hear stories…


8 Reasons Why a Person Can’t Stay Sober

Why are some people ready to become and remain clean and sober, but others aren’t? Some people can’t honestly say they’ve tried to become sober, but many have attempted it and not been able to do it for a long…


Can the Opiate Epidemic Be Ended?

Opiates have been around forever, so why does it suddenly seem like use and abuse of the drug has become an epidemic? Is it just doctors over-prescribing the medications? Many young kids use alcohol and consider marijuana to be a…

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