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The Warning Signs of an Alcohol Problem

Even if a problem came with huge warning signs, it probably still wouldn’t be a deterrent to some people intent on drinking alcohol. The trouble with warning signs is that people will continue doing what they want to do, despite…


An addiction is anything you have to hide

A many-faceted challenge for families, interventionists, and other addiction pros alike is defining an addiction. We have textbook definitions. We have tests. But when it comes down to addressing the addiction with an addict in denial that he or she…


Resurrected: Five addiction recovery tips from the original millennial

It isn’t out of reach to consider recovery from addiction as a sort of ‘rebirth’ or ‘resurrection’ of life within the man or woman challenged by substance abuse. No, we didn’t die. Some of us came gruesomely close – a…


Dime-store addiction doctoring in the weed and web era

  Addiction treatment professionals are forever up against clients who ‘heard’ things from friends or at the tables in self-help groups or read on the internet. Here are a few of the more common: I can smoke weed: I’m alcoholic/heroin…


Seven for 2017: Why the New Year will be the year of the Pandemic

Much of the decade leading up to 2017 has been characterized by the so-called Opioid Epidemic. For the final 1,000 or so days of the decade, America will continue to gain ground against painkiller and heroin deaths. However, 2017 will…


How Men and Women Differ in Their Responses to Alcoholism and Addiction

Alcoholism and addiction are in many ways the great equalizer These illnesses do not discriminate among gender, race, or culture and they affect people from every walk of life all over the world. That being said though the way that…

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