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How Can You Pick the Best Inpatient Treatment Program?

When deciding to receive help for a substance abuse problem, there are many decisions a person is faced with. You will need to decide if you should go into an outpatient or inpatient treatment program, but this will depend on…


Dope 101: Opioids, opiates… six of one isn’t a half-dozen of the other

The terms opioids and opiates are frequently – and mistakenly – used as interchangeable words for the same drug when they really mean two related drug classes. The media doesn’t get that. Nor do they have to when they ring…


60 Minutes Sheds Light on Heroin Epidemic in Ohio

Today, on 60 minutes, the segment, “Heroin in the Heartland,” will shed some light on the growing heroin epidemic residents of Ohio face on a daily basis. Heroin overdoses have skyrocketed in the past few years with a record 1,777…

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