The Human Dilemma

Our human dilemma is our Conditioned Mind, it leads most in the direction of greed, hate, and delusion. If you can understand this in yourself you won’t need the world to change in order to be free.

Whose to say the world isn’t exactly the way it’s suppose to be. We know such a little about life, the Universe, the Galaxy, God, our own mind. We use so much energy trying to change things, but what if nothing really needed changing? You can play the blame game, you take on the role of victim, you can hold on to your cause, but all they are is the control of the Conditioned Mind and how it has made things the way that they are. I don’t really know if things are the way they’re suppose to be or not, but I do know they’re the way they are and no attached story changes this fact.

The power of the Conditioned Mind is so subtle most people don’t even realize it’s in place. Granted I will say this, the world is not on a course to become based in love, but whose to say that’s how it’s suppose to be. Even though love is what the great mystic’s spoke of and this is the message that most people who have gone deeper, including myself, try to convey, who can be sure of this? Our human condition is fallible to say the least. Our desires are selfish in nature, but it’s just a by product of our Conditioned Mind. Even the best of us fall prey to our human conditioning, but to go beyond the Conditioned Mind is to go beyond this dilemma and the stories that we attach to, it’s to go beyond the created prison that life has to be about something. Who says life has to be about anything? Maybe it’s suppose to be this way or maybe not, but it’s what it is and blaming others or attaching to anything else doesn’t really change this. And the real kicker of this is, whenever you want what is to be different it leads to suffering. Stop the conditioned labeling and you will stop your suffering and in the process you will not cause suffering to others.

One can only change their own conditioning, and that’s only if they’re fortunate enough to be aware of it. So what exactly happens when it’s realized every thought regardless of its nature is from the Conditioned Mind? You stop trying to change how the world is and instead you accept the world as it is, not the one conjured up as you think it should be. This will not change the Conditioned Mind of those immersed in greed, hate, and delusion, but it will change you. It’s only the workings of a Conditioned Mind that wants things different, even if they can’t be changed.

Who knows if the world will change before we the people destroy it, but it’s only through the Conditioned Mind that this is happening anyway. Maybe it’s suppose to be this way, maybe not, but a person can only change themselves and that will only occur if they are fortunate enough to realize how conditioned they really are. Look at the smugness of your own conditioning before you point a finger at someone else, after all when you point one finger at someone there are three pointing back at you. As the bible states, take the log out of your eye before you point out the speck in someone else’s. The way we are conditioned as a species is our dilemma, this is a stark fact and until this changes nothing will change, but fret not because if you come to realize this you will understand, you are not your thoughts. When this truth is seen you will understand how conditioned you really are, it will be then that you will have the possibility of awakening and seeing the light, not a conditioned light, but a light provided by the Universe.