The Misperception of Truth

Problems that are based in lies can’t be fixed with solutions that are based in lies. So truth has to become known if our world is to change and one is to be of assistance to others.
I often write articles that contain the subject of truth. It’s very difficult to explain truth because there’s so many different perceptions of it. So instead of trying to prove what truth is, let’s explore what a lie is. Here is a dictionary definition of a lie: a false statement made with intent to deceive; an untruth; a falsehood: lacking in facts. If you’re not sure what truth is, focus on what truth isn’t. Here are examples of some of the ways which I have found works to expose the lies for many things. Learning to love by understanding what love isn’t, being at peace by understanding what causes one to become agitated, becoming patient by understanding impatience and last but certainly not least, learning what truth is by exposing the lies.
A lie is something that has no real facts as its base. Perceptions aren’t factual, they are usually made up by the perceiver to suit some sort of belief. People ask me if I believe in God, I answer that I believe in what I know which is based in the facts of what I’ve experienced, and that’s why I share only what has been experienced. I don’t see the benefit of making up a story about something to suit a mind made need. In my case I know love is more beneficial than hate, patience more beneficial than being impatient, kindness is better than meanness and on and on. So I learn what are the blocks to living my (factual) life so it’s of maximum benefit to myself and to all beings. You will know truth when you understand the lies.
The biggest lie we are told and hold onto is that the things of the world will satisfy you. This is reinforced by our entire global structure. It’s an untruth which is at the core of our entire misaligned society. It creates all our issues as a society. Religious sects all claim to have the truth, no facts, just their truth. Politicians try to fix problems based in lies with solutions that are based in lies. The entire entertainment and sports industry are based in lies that create the false impression of the haves and have nots, which creates separation in our society not unity. How can there be truth in that? There’s also the great American Dream lie of owning a home, the banks no doubt created that one. Lie after lie after lie, and what happens to a society when this is its base, we become a society of liars. Not because we want to, not because we don’t know the truth, but because we don’t understand the lie. Can anyone really know the truth who lives in the lie? Not unless the lie and the liar are exposed.
Jesus said know the truth and it will set you free. I say understand the lie and there will be nothing left but truth. Not an perception of it, but a real honest to goodness truth based on the facts of what’s really happening as opposed to a perception that’s being created to suit the lie and the liar. It’s a lie that has been handed down from generation to generation and it’s been the base that we’ve been living from for most of, if not our entire life; very strong language, but true.
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