The Power of Words

“Johnny I love you, but why can’t you get good grades like you sister, Alice?” All Johnny hears is that he’s faulty, no good; less then, doesn’t measure up, and is not wanted or loved. That certainly is not what his mother was trying to communicate to Johnny.

Thirty years later, Johnny is forty -seven years old and still has a lie on his spirit. The lie is that he is less than, no good, and does not measure up to others. He has acted on and believed that lie for the past thirty years. It has helped to ruin his life up until this point. He is in active addiction; he has a minimum wage job that he hates, no relationship, and low self-esteem.

Johnny’s mother doesn’t realize that the statement she said thirty years ago has damaged her son in such a powerful way, but it has damaged him. The sad truth is that Johnny doesn’t know the truth yet either! He needs inner healing. He needs external help from someone that knows how to handle a problem of this nature. The lie on his spirit needs to be removed. Johnny needs to be given a new directive that he is willing to believe in. He will also need God’s help to be healed from the damage of the past thirty years and to forgive his mother. He will need help to identify the directive that was the lie that started the problem. That means he will need to do some process work to figure out where he first received the lie, that he was not good enough, faulty, and didn’t measure up. Once he can identify the source, then the healing can start to begin.

Parents need to be very careful in the messages they deliver to their children. Even though their intentions are good, they can do a tremendous amount of damage with one sentence that can last a lifetime. Coaches, teachers, Pastors, older siblings, baby sitters, grandparents, and anyone who cares for children needs to be aware of the potential impact of their words to children.

Some young people may even take their own lives because they feel so bad about themselves. Self-image is so important to young people today. Bullying, cyber-bullying, discrimination, gossip, ignorance, jealousy, envy by others, financial insecurity, addictions, poverty, mental illness, and many other issues can lead to unbearable situations for young people today. Situations so unbearable to them that they take their own lives! If you or someone you know has suicidal ideations please get help today! There is always help available. The number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255.

There is a great need for mentors for young people today. Especially if you have a testimony where you have walked through darkness into light and can share that with young people, you can help save lives. I encourage you to write down your story and share it, speak at schools and churches, symposiums, and events. Your experience can help save lives.

If you were a young person that had a lie on your spirit and were healed from it, your story can also save lives. Please share your story with others by writing articles and speaking at schools, churches, and events. We all know that silence equals death! Don’t let your voice be silent any longer. You can make a difference. You can save lives. In the long run, the life you save may be your own!

Johnny was one of the fortunate ones. Most people go to their graves with the lie still on their spirit from childhood. His Pastor helped him with inner healing and forgiving his mother. He has moved on with a new directive and is totally healed. He is a new creation; a new man! It is as if he has a new lease on life. Please remember that words are powerful! Be careful how you use them especially with children. “The truth sets us free!” Then we are free indeed.

©2015 Rev. Dr. Kevin T. Coughlin