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Treating Opiate Addiction With Suboxone

A lot of people suffering from opiate addiction have found recovering is possible through using suboxone. With regulated amounts of suboxone for about 20-25 days, an addicted person can be tapered down on the medication and it makes the physical aspects of opiate withdrawal bearable. The best thing about using suboxone for treating opiate dependence is that you aren’t trading one addiction for another because it doesn’t allow a person to become high like when using their drug of choice.

Stabilizing a Person with Suboxone

Once a person has gone through opiate detox and is stabilized with suboxone, he or she will no longer be getting high and the dream of recovery becomes possible. A detailed treatment plan should then be created to help the recovering addict focus on abstinence and acquire better coping skills. A professional treatment program will prepare a person for the restlessness, irritability and anxiety that comes from being clean from narcotics.
Suboxone used for detox makes the physical aspects of drug dependence manageable, but it doesn’t help with the emotional and physiological aspects of addiction. Often people are worried about coming off suboxone, but an addiction specialist will educate them about the drug and how it is used for helping them to become clean, but it isn’t a long-term solution.

Why Should You Work with a Professional Treatment Program?

The misuse of suboxone is a real possibility which is why it is important for a person to use it only as directed and when prescribed by a licensed addiction medicine specialist. Most doctors offering suboxone maintenance do not offer any addiction treatment, because the prescribing physician is not trained in addiction medicine. Contact Recovery Healthcare Partners at 865-312-9022