Medication Assisted Treatment for Opiate Addiction

Using Medication Assisted Treatment for Opiate Addiction

Many people aren’t familiar with medication assisted drug treatment, because not many programs utilize this method. This type of treatment helps someone manage withdrawal symptoms and reduces cravings, which are just two of the advantages of using this method over other options. Medications when used for opiate addiction treatment are one of the best options available, but someone needs to be under medical supervision while doing it.

What is it?

Medication assisted treatment or MAT is a combination of medication and behavioral therapy for treating drug addiction problems. The use of certain types of medications particularly suboxone, can genuinely help someone stop using opiates. MAT is just one way of treating opiate abuse or addiction and while it’s not the right option for everyone, for most people the end results are positive.

How Does MAT Help?

People who have been abusing opiates will have an extremely difficult time trying to stop using “cold turkey”.  When going cold turkey, it can result in powerful and dangerous withdrawal symptoms which is why many people rush back to using opiates again. People during opiate withdrawal symptoms, who are using medication assisted treatment, can control these unpleasant side effects and wean themselves down from the medicine gradually, thus increasing their odds of becoming clean.

Are You Interested in MAT?

While medication assisted treatment isn’t for everyone, you won’t know if it would work for you until you speak to a medical professional. You should never try to get clean through cold turkey methods, because the results could be potentially life-threatening. When considering how you can get clean from opiate addiction there are many options to choose from, including medication assisted treatment.

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